Harold Ramis was the master of the smart dumb-movie, which he could only make because he actually was one of the smartest guys around – he could fence, speak Greek, joke about Trotsky, and do the ritual drumming he learned attending Robert Bly’s men’s groups. Like [Bill] Murray, he was always more serious than people originally supposed.

John Powers on the late Harold Ramis  (via nprfreshair)

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Working hard for something we don’t care about is called stress; working hard for something we love is called passion.

Simon Sinek (via psych-facts)

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I hate being sick.  The end.

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by spiraldelight
“happiness is in front of your eyes”

by spiraldelight

“happiness is in front of your eyes”

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It’s so hard to be understood in life, and that’s why, when
you meet someone where you understand each other at that
moment, you sort of want to hold on to it, you know?

Josh Homme, Queens of the Stone Age (Sound City 2013)

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Turn Up!!!


Been a while since I’ve written anything on this thing.  Hell, it’s been a while since I’ve really had anything to say—anything worth actually sitting my ass down and writing about.

Well, thankfully enough I found some blogging mojo.  Which is good.  That means I’m experiencing swift internal movement again—or in other words—GROWTH.

A FB status I literally posted 5min ago:

First Rant of The Year::

Today I managed to fail miserably at something I’m good at—great at even. Like not only do I know in the deepest parts of my Heart that I can do this, but I know it straight up in the deepest parts of my friggin BALLS yo! And damn, it was like friggin terrible super fail status…

…and holy smokes I couldn’t be Happier :D

I seriously raced home so stoked off my failjob just so I could put down some thoughts to paper on what to adjust.

The main crux of thoughts permeating my dome was that my issue wasn’t so much for lack of ability, as it was just a lack of Focus & Organization. In other words, I’m working way harder than I need to. And so thus, my energy/focus aren’t as consistent as they could be. Certain things need to be re-calibrated…

I’m just super mega friggin glad that I recognized the problem b/c that means a solution is also present. TIME TO TURN UP.  Shooting my motivated vibes out into the Universe so that it’s out of my head/heart and out in the world. It’s real now. It’s tangible. And now I’m accountable. All in all, I’m grateful to the max because now the only place to go from this point, is well—UP 


PS: My teaching/class format needs to change a bit. And workdays and dance need to be separate homie…schitt gets counterproductive -___-

#challengeaccepted #bringit #gonnalearntoday
feeling excited.

Holy fucking smokes I’m fired up!!!  Like, I can’t remember the last time I was this excited about fucking up.  It’s weird…or I guess I’m weird.

But yeah, like I stated I’m working waaaaaay too hard.  Expending too much energy, or leaking it needlessly.  I need to calibrate my pacing &  fine tune my focus so that I can manage to balance everything that I’m juggling.  I’m after an extraordinary Life full of wild endeavors and passions.  They require more than ordinary measures…

…I guess I just needed a little reminder B)



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For those who don’t know, in 5 Centimeters Per Second, Akari & Takaki’s childhood setting is based on the real world Shinjuku, Tokyo, which interesting enough, is also the setting of Director Makoto Shinkai’s latest work Garden of Words, the areas shown in 5CM/S is just about few miles away from Shinjuku Goyen, the main setting of Garden of Words.

Images source from a blog where a photographer who resides Shinjuku and took interest of the locations.

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People think of education as something they can finish.

 Isaac Asimov (via blua)

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Framed Nature by Ianception

Framed Nature by Ianception

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The next step in my wardrobe #evolution

The next step in my wardrobe #evolution

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But I love you!


But I love you!

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Tomasz Gudzowaty - The Monks of Shaolin (2011)

Demonstrating some of the true potential of the human body. Amazing.

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